Had been a while since we had no fun with another man or a couple, but suddenly it happenned. Steve and I spent one night in Yarm with the idea after a few drinks at the Indian restaurant for a meal. It was after we had in the first two bars, I noticed a handsome guy in the room, which was about 30 with two of his companions, but no matter which way I looked, I always drew attention. Steve noticed me and told me I have to like the look of it, to which I replied that I was sure. was about 10 00 hours, when we were about to go eat, when I felt a hand brush, like my ass, I went said it was him, he just smiled and said sorry. I smiled back again. Was taken as an invitation to come and talk to me Steve was at the bar, I said his name was James and Kent, but in the northern business. Steve returned from the bar and simply plugs into the conversation, we are all very well, that tJamie was going through an Indian and wants to join us, he said he would be very glad you went. We had a great meal, good conversation and lots assisass of sexy talk, and, having paid the bill, Jamie, asked if he wants to return to your hotel for a drink, I know Steve looked at both of us in which he was following in the taxi for the short trip to the hotel of Jamie. When we assisass arrived, Jamie said it could be found in the cocktail bar or our decision to go to his room, I immediately said, assisass in his room. when we got Jamie gave us a drink, I settled in bed, Steve on the couch and Jamie on the couch. Steve went to the bathroom and I knew I wanted to make my train, I went to Jamie stood up and kissed him hard on the lips and pulled him into bed, I felt his hands lifting her dress and rubbed between her legs I felt back and crouched in front of his jeans mmmmmmmmm was heavy and felt great. At that time, Steve returnEd was about to kiss Jamie boxers and the head of his cock, Steve sat down and just watched as the action Jamies cock sucking. Jamie grabbed her hair forcing my mouth even more cock until I drown, but it just turns me on more. Then he stopped me and told me to get on my hands and knees on the assisass bed, as I said I was doing a quick look to see Steve, stroking his cock watching Jamie behind me and start to take my drive real me, and again pulled my hair and hit me, he told me he was about to cum, and I told him I wanted in my mouth, pulled out and fell to his knees just in time for his sperm in the mouth to swallow all I could see Steve and the feeling of assisass a very dirty bitch. After Jamie spent his load had pushed me back down and began licking my pussy, biting my lips and puts pressure on the clitoris, his tongue deep into me, I trembled, I held my head and cum in her language called dirty bastardall my juices. Both went to the bathroom until I gave bath to cool Jamie is still a drink. He asked if we wanted to spend the night, but for reasons of work, we have rejected. he ordered us a taxi and left. If the back of the taxi I thought it was Steve 's cock, assisass the poor man was still hard after leaving the city and has in the way I went to Steve and gave him a blowjob in the taxi drivers know me see, but could on, turned just before reaching home, Steve shot his sperm into my mouth, my second game tonight and just beautiful. Steve paid the taxi driver went to bed I realized I had left the number of Jamie in space. Said Jamie, if you read this, please send us an e- mail, we'd like to meet again xx
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